Wood Badge 1 for OOS

Hi Crew!

Here are the 17 Scouter Development Cards we need to deliver to the “I Know” stage. You can click through for a PDF of each one, with everything from Learning Objectives to Resources on them.

Pick your top three, then go back to the Facebook group and let everyone know what they are. Ideally we can work with this list to cover everything off (hint: try not to pick things already picked, although it’s fine to work in groups as well).

  1. Assessing Program Quality
  2. Engaging Parents
  3. Facilitating Adventures
  4. Facilitating a Balanced Program
  5. Facilitating for Diverse Youth
  6. Facilitating Personal Progression
  7. Facilitating Section Meetings
  8. Facilitating SPICES Development
  9. Facilitating STEM Adventures
  10. Facilitating the Outdoor Adventure Skills Program
  11. Fundraising
  12. Incorporating Spirituality
  13. Incorporating the Badge Program
  14. Planning for Youth-led Scouting
  15. Using the Patrol (Team) System
  16. Working With Your Section Leadership Team
  17. Youth-led Camping

Each one has several parts:

Description: An explanation of the skill that needs to be learned.

Learning Objectives: Statements that describe what the Scouter needs to know or demonstrate in order to successfully complete the Scouter Development Card

Plan-Do-Review: Guidelines to help the Scouter build his or her learning plan

Safety Note: Safety and risk management is part of everything we do in Scouting. Each Scouter Development Card describes how to demonstrate the associated skill in a way that keeps everyone involved safe from physical and emotional harm.

Online Resources: Suggested tools that can help Scouters develop their skills Tips and Tricks: Section-specific ideas that can reduce the learning curve for the skill in question

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