The 1st Cedar Hill Scout Troop meets on Thursdays from 6:30 – 8:30pm at the Scout Hall at 3680 Cottonwood Street.

Our program is structured around the Canadian Path Program. The focus is on citizenship, leadership, personal development and outdoor skills. Activities have a strong environmental component. Scouts participate in a number of community service events, some structured, and most initiated by the Scouts in the Troop.

Our goal is to have scout camps every month. The outdoors experience is the main focus, with leadership and personal development elements.

CALENDAR: (stay tuned for updates)

2017 – 2018 Calendar:

  • September 14th – First Scouts meeting
  • September 21th – Scout Meeting
    Popcorn fundraiser launch
  • September 30th – Apple Day
  • October 5th – Scout Meeting & Camp prep
  • October 12th – Scout Meeting
  • October 13-15th – Fall Skills Camp @ Camp Barnard
  • October 19th – Scout Meeting
  • October 26th – Scout Meeting – Popcorn Orders Due In
  • October 30th – Halloween Party!
    • All Sections Welcome!
    • The party runs from 6:30pm- 8:00pm
    • Parents, please bring something for the snack table.
  • November 2nd – Scout Meeting
    • Location TBD
  • November 9th – Scout Meeting
  • November 11th – Remembrance Day
    • Meet at the Saanich Cenotaph @ 10:30am
  • November 16th  – Scout Meeting


For more information about the Scout Troop at 1st Cedar Hill,
please contact:

Scouters: Jason Poilievre, Amanda Webb, Dean Smillie, Kat Rainsberry, Graham Vodden & Bryan Friedmann

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