The 1st Cedar Hill Cubs meets Wednesday evenings, with one scheduled outing on a Saturday afternoon each month. We also attend community events and camps as often as we can, and as a result we will have the occasional non-meeting Wednesday (usually once per month).

TIME: 7:00pm to 8:15pm. Wednesdays
PLACE: 1st Cedar Hill Scout Hall – 3680 Cottonwood Street, Saanich BC

CALENDAR Highlights: 

Coming up:

  • Popcorn Fundraiser – I know that selling popcorn can be our most challenging fundraiser activity, but we`re hoping that our youth are able to meet the area goal of $150 each.
    If you`re looking for incentives, there is a popcorn incentive document (2 MB pdf). Also if our section meets it’s goal, I’ll be throwing us a pizza party as a way of saying thanks!Special thanks to David for being our Cub Section Coordinator!
  • Fun-draising Sleepover – On Saturday October 14th we’re going to be doing a bottle drive and sleepover! Once the bottle drive is over, we’re going to take the youth by bus down to Ross Bay area and explore some of the fun things around that area!
    Starts Saturday at 9am, ends Sunday at 8:45am.
    Cost is $15 (Covers food and transportation)
    Please register on Scoutstracker.We need a lot of volunteers to make this happen.
    Ideally I would love to have 4 sorters keeping me company and 10 drivers.
    I’m going to be coordinating the bottle drive.
    Sorters would be a most of the day event (Two from 9-1230 and two from 1230-4)
    Drivers would be free to drop their youth off as soon as the route is done.Please message me to let me know how you can help.
    This bottle drive will be our sections own personal fundraiser. All monies raised will stay with our section and will be used to offset the cost of our winter camp to Mt. Washington.
  • Fairways Fund Raiser. We are trying a new fund raiser. If you, or any one you know shops at Fairways, we can issue a Fairways Card. It works like a gift card, people load money on the card and spend it on whatever Fairways sells. 1st Cedar Hill gets 5% of the value of what is loaded – card holders get 100% of the money they load on the card. We really appreciate all of your help with fundraising. It makes it possible for us to do some really fun things with our youth!In October we’re going to be building birdhouses/bat boxes/bee boxes (cubs choice), heading over to Doncaster to play some games, howler’s special meeting, Halloween party prep arts and crafts night and having our annual Halloween Party (October 30th)!If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

WEEKLY DUES: While the group committee subsidizes most of our activity costs, we do ask for $1.00 from the Cub Scouts. These dues go towards our operating costs (badges, craft supplies, etc). Dues are collected by a Sixer at the beginning of each meeting.

ATTENDANCE: Please Do your best to be on time, and ready to begin promptly at 7pm. The opening ceremony (the Grand Howl) sets the tone for the meeting and punctuality is encouraged to teach the youth responsibility.

UNIFORMS: The Cub Scouts uniform must be worn at all meetings and formal events. It consists mainly of the Cub Scout shirt, necker and woggle and may include the cap if desired. Uniform shirts may be purchased at Scout House, and we will supply the necker and woggle when they are invested into Scouting with our group.

KIT & BADGES: The Cub Scout Handbook is required at each meeting and is usually presented to a Cub Scout upon joining the Pack.
We develop our program so that we primarily cover the requirements for the Stars that we will be working on as well as badge work. We strongly encourage Cub Scouts to pursue badge-work at home. If you look through the book with your child, and to that end, we will be providing access to the Scouts Tracker site where you can track your child’s progress, and see where they may be close to earning a Star, Badge, or Award.  With the new Canadian Path program, the programming and the Cub Book will diverge.  Information about the Canadian Path can be found at

SCOUTSTRACKER: The Scouts Tracker site is located at If you have not been provided a login yet, please email us and let us know (tell us who you are, and what your child’s name is).

CODE OF CONDUCT: We understand that Cub Scouts are full of energy and we expect noise and activity at our meetings. We also ask that the Cub Scouts respect themselves, each other, the rules, and their Scouters. Note that aggressive, disruptive and/or destructive behaviour will not be tolerated.
Discipline, (as covered in the leadership training), ranges from a quiet talk to a time-out. A youth may miss out on a game, outing or activity if they have not corrected their behaviour when given the opportunity to do so. If necessary, a parent will be called and the youth asked to leave the meeting. If you have any questions or concerns regarding discipline or conduct, please discuss this with your leaders or notify our Group Commissioner.

PROGRAM: This year we will be working on the new Canadian Path program, as well as some badges from the old program if desired by the youth.  We also encourage the Cubs to explore additional badges and awards at home.


If you have any questions, please feel free to approach any of our Scouters:

Mang – Cat Schneider
Bagheera – Jason Poilievre
Kaa – Skye Bendall-Gilbert
Raksha – Logan Duiguid
Rikki Tikki Tavi – Julia Lamoreux
Chill – North Ross
Baloo – Matt Potosnak
Skip – Bill Clarke
Akela – Mark Urwin (in training)

Contact us by email at

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