For 8-10 year olds

The 1st Cedar Hill Cubs meets Wednesday evenings. We also attend community events and camps as often as we can, and as a result we will have the occasional non-meeting Wednesday (usually once per month).

TIME: 6:30pm to 7:45pm. Wednesdays
PLACE: 1st Cedar Hill Scout Hall – 3680 Cottonwood Street, Saanich BC

CALENDAR Highlights: 

Coming up (2021):

  • September 08: first meeting at Scout Hall, getting to know you and how Cubs works
  • September 15: meeting at Scout Hall, Cubs help plan some upcoming activities
  • September 22: menu and gear planning; practice setting up tents
  • September 24-26: camp at Camp Barnard (our local Scout camp in Sooke)
  • September 29: no meeting (Scouter recovery from Camp)

WEEKLY DUES: While the group committee subsidizes most of our activity costs, we do ask for $1.00 from the Cub Scouts. These dues go towards our operating costs (badges, craft supplies, etc). Dues are collected by a Howler (senior Cub) at the beginning of each meeting.

ATTENDANCE: Please Do your best to be on time, and ready to begin promptly at 630pm. The opening ceremony (the Grand Howl) sets the tone for the meeting and punctuality is encouraged to teach the youth responsibility.

UNIFORMS: The Cub Scouts uniform must be worn at all meetings and formal events. It consists mainly of the Cub Scout shirt, necker and woggle. Uniform shirts are ordered on-line at – we will be putting together a group order (prepaid) to save on shipping costs.  We will supply the necker and woggle when they are invested into Scouting with our group.

PROGRAM: Developing well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world. We follow the Canadian Path through the Plan-Do-Review method where Cub Scouts are empowered to learn by doing. With Scouts Canada’s Youth-led programming, youth put leadership and teamwork into play by planning their activities with the guidance of an adult Scouter. The great Scouting adventure allows youth to explore new things, share ideas, learn new skills and create new paths. Cub Scouts is filled with a little bit of everything and plenty of opportunities for youth to personally develop in areas including like social, physical, intellectual, character, emotional and spiritual. Along the way Cub Scouts meet new friends, learn teamwork, and develop self-confidence.

SCOUTSTRACKER: The Scouts Tracker site is located at If you have not been provided a login yet, please email us and let us know (tell us who you are, and what your child’s name is).

CODE OF CONDUCT: We understand that Cub Scouts are full of energy and we expect noise and activity at our meetings. We also ask that the Cub Scouts respect themselves, each other, the rules, and their Scouters. Note that aggressive, disruptive and/or destructive behaviour will not be tolerated.
Discipline, (as covered in the leadership training), ranges from a quiet talk to a time-out. A youth may miss out on a game, outing or activity if they have not corrected their behaviour when given the opportunity to do so. If necessary, a parent will be called and the youth asked to leave the meeting. If you have any questions or concerns regarding discipline or conduct, please discuss this with your leaders or notify our Group Commissioner.


If you have any questions, please feel free to approach any of our Scouters:


Contact us by email at

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